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i can do better… January 21, 2010

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first off…i never type in capital letters…

so i’m reading this “blog”…it was forwarded to me because i’m young and single and i should really be getting a kick out of what this blog discusses.

needless to say i…i can do better…!

these rather “typical” single girls all right the same bull shit. boo hoo i can’t wait to be married…blah blah blah!

hahahaha…i’m laughing to myself because what i’ve just written seems…um…semi negative nancy. but i didn’t mean it to come across like that…’cause i’m really just livin’ the dream!

and when i say “just livin’ the dream” i’m talking about those moments were you realize that you have an amazing single life however many crazy stories or days you can count.

i’m young-ish…almost 30. and i’m single-ish…or rather…dating.

so here i am proving that i can do better…we’ll see… !