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my next victim… February 1, 2010

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i’ve met someone…great smile…funny…etc.

but just like so many before him he’ll probably end up being mr. right now and not necessarily mr. right.

i like him, but don’t have that WOW feeling. my friends tell me that they can’t wait for me to tell them about a guy i have a WOW feeling about. so why is it that i meet these “great guys”, but can’t seem to meet the one with wow!

i really just want to shake this guy and tell him to wake up! he’s got this great thing right in front of him, so why isn’t he trying harder to keep me interested…or do i just have too high expectations for today’s men?

some tell me i need to lower the bar…but why should i settle? anyone that says i should settle  just because i’m getting older means they took their own advice and are unhappy because of it…i’m certain that’s it and they just want you to “think” that’s the path you have to walk down.

so until i stumble upon the man that has the wow, i’ll keep my current cutie around for shits and giggles and keep my eye out for the next victim!